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We are a growing, dynamic and dedicated group of researchers with a vision to deliver next-generation lncRNA-targeting anti-fibrotic therapies. We are currently building our team in Lausanne, Switzerland, and are always looking for individuals who are passionate and dedicated to developing safe, effective and accessible therapies for patients to join our growing team. Sound like you?

If you share our vision, check out our open positions below and send us an email:

Open positions at HAYA

Senior Scientist

About us

HAYA Therapeutics is a precision therapeutics company that discovers and develops innovative tissue- and cell-selective genomic medicines for fibrotic diseases and other serious health conditions associated with aging, including cancer. The company’s discovery engine focuses on long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) within the “dark matter” of the human genome -- key tissue and cell-specific drivers of fibrosis and other disease processes -- to identify novel targets and drug candidates with the potential for greater efficacy and safety than existing treatments. HAYA’s lead therapeutic candidate is an antisense molecule targeting Wisper, a cardiac-enriched master driver of fibrosis, which has shown in preclinical testing the ability to halt and potentially reverse the fibrotic processes underlying heart failure. The company is also developing a pipeline of lncRNA-targeting candidates for the tissue-specific treatment of fibrotic diseases in other tissues, including lungs, kidney, liver, and the micro-environment of solid tumor cancers. Headquartered at the Biopole Science Park in Lausanne, Switzerland, HAYA is led by a world-class team of experts in lncRNA biology and fibrotic disease and is supported by a strong investor consortium.

About the job

HAYA is dedicated to leveraging emerging insights in RNA biology to develop a novel class of therapeutics. In this role, you will be an early member of a highly dynamic scientific team generating and experimentally executing on actionable pioneering hypotheses to drive novel platform and therapeutic applications.

HAYA seeks candidates who are creative, scientifically bold, independent, goal-oriented, excellent communicators, motivated to learn new skills and work collaboratively in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment.

Requirements are a Ph.D. in molecular/cellular/RNA biology (or equivalent), an additional 3+ years of relevant experience, and a proven track-record of scientific excellence as evidenced by a strong publication and/or patent record. The candidate needs a strong background in molecular and RNA biology with experience designing, performing and analyzing a wide array of cell & molecular biology assays and a demonstrated ability to generate innovative hypotheses in unexplored biological fields.

Key Objectives

  • Apply your scientific knowledge, critical thinking skills and creativity to generate and test hypotheses for novel applications of our platform in emerging fields of RNA biology.
  • Design, execute, and interpret multiple experimental workflows with an emphasis on RNA-centric molecular and cellular techniques.
  • Aim for rapid proof-of-concept, strategic triage of ideas, and quickly translating new approaches into company assets.
  • Develop and apply novel high-throughput methodologies to analyze nucleic acids, protein expression, and cell phenotypes (experience with single-cell genomic, epigenomic and transcriptomic approaches is desirable)
  • Recognize, establish and extend next-generation sequencing approaches to screen and address biological hypotheses.
  • Continually cultivate scientific & technical expertise through critical review of the scientific literature, attending external conferences, and developing relationships with key opinion leaders.
  • Work collaboratively with a cross-functional biology, technology, and chemistry team to contribute to the vision, strategy, and overall objectives of the company.

Required Skills

  • Strong molecular and RNA biology background with extensive hands-on experience in cell-based and molecular biology assays
  • Proven track record in novel RNA-centric method development or application, such as RNA-centric NGS methods (i.e. ATAC-Seq, ChIP-Seq, RNA-seq, Ribo-seq, eCLIP, scRNA-seq)
  • Excellence in experimental design, execution and interpretation
  • Demonstrated ability to approach complex problems with innovative solutions and generate actionable hypotheses
  • Experience in high-throughput cell phenotype screening or other massively parallel assay formats
  • Working knowledge in relevant statistical and bioinformatics (genomics) methods to enable effective collaboration with computation biology team
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, capable of conveying technical information in a clear and thorough manner
  • Strong collaborative skills with evidence of working in, and leading a team

Preferred Skills

  • Knowledgeable across a breadth of scientific fields and experience with a broad range of methodologies, such as structure-function relationships in RNA or RNP complexes, or innovative RNA methodologies, e.g. Ribo-seq, RIP-seq, RNA chemical probing.
  • Deep understanding of cellular biology and fundamental processes of transcription, gene regulation, chromatic biology, translation, and cell signaling
  • Understanding of and experience in proteomics and protein mass spectrometry.

Core Values

  • Creativity & Innovation. Scientifically curious and bold. Generates new and creative approaches to problem solving. Positive ‘can-do’ attitude. Views the toughest challenges as the greatest opportunities for personal growth and company innovation. Able to challenge convictions and dogma.
  • Teamwork. Fully engaged in facilitating personal and team success. Reaches out to peers and cooperates with the team to establish an overall collaborative work environment. Often solicits and responds well to constructive feedback. Possesses good written and oral communication skills with the ability to clearly and concisely convey ideas and opinions.
  • Flexibility/adaptability. Adjusts quickly to changing strategic and tactical priorities. Comfortable with ambiguity. Self-starter mentality.
  • Fast-acting/efficient. Proactive and quick decision making with a strong work ethic to produce high-quality results while fostering a positive work environment. Focuses on key tasks and priorities. Demonstrates tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done.
  • Integrity. Does not cut corners. Does what is right not just what is politically expedient. Speaks plainly and truthfully. Earns trust and maintains confidences. Expects a high level of personal performance and team performance. Follows-through on commitments.
  • Critical thinking. Learns quickly. Demonstrates ability to proficiently understand new information and to independently pursue and achieve meaningful outcomes. Able to structure and process qualitative/quantitative data and draw key conclusions.

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