Ana Silva

PhD, Dir. Strategic Scientific Communication
Ana Silva

Ana Silva is a scientist with 9 years’ experience working in the cardiovascular field. She has a diversified body of work from science (decellularized tissues to organoid models) to visual arts (scientific illustrations). Ana holds a PhD degree from University of Porto in the dissection of how post-natal changes in the ECM are determinant for the heart transition from a regenerative (fetal) to a reparative (adult) phenotype. On the other hand, as a post-doctoral fellow at the Gladstone Institutes, she worked in the development of a co-emerging tissues within human iPSC-derived organoids.

Since 2021, Ana have been dedicated to science communication from scientific and editorial illustrations, infographics, and other visual communication materials. At HAYA Therapeutics, Ana is responsible for providing strategic direction, insights and leadership for the scientific communication strategy and oversee the execution of all scientific communication deliverables.

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