Rudi Micheletti

PhD, Dir. Biology & Functional Genomics
Rudi Micheletti

Rudi Micheletti is a scientist with 10+ years’ experience in cardiovascular epigenome and transcriptome. Rudi held a doctoral degree from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) that lead to the discovery of Wisper long non-coding RNA (lncRNA), an activated cardiac fibroblast-specific lncRNA and target of HAYA lead program HTX001. During this period, he contributed to several projects uncovering the functional relevance of other cardiac-associated lncRNAs. Later, Rudi moved to UC San Diego as postdoctoral researcher where he deepen his knowledge of the mechanisms underlying gene transcriptional regulation in cardiac diseases and aging by developing multi-omics state-of-the-art technologies.

At HAYA Therapeutics, Rudi is the Director of Biology and Functional Genomics Unit based in JLABS, San Diego. He and his team contribute to several aspects of HAYA R&D pipeline from target discovery to deep characterization of their molecular function.

Rudi scientific contributions lead to the several publications accruing for more than 900 citations in world-leading, peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Science Translational Medicine and European Heart Journal.

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